Sunday, 25 September 2011

27 things...27 things I'm thankful for

You know how it is. You make plans, and then life gets in the way and disrupts them. Well, I will not be beaten. I will still do my 27 things, one way or another. Someone very kindly suggested I write down 27 things I'm thankful to God for, and I think it's a great idea, and a wonderful place to start. So, here goes. In no particular order, here are 27 things I'm thankful to God for (it actually took me longer that I thought to come up with this list!)

1. My family: You can't live with them, you can't live without them. All in all, I'm thankful for my family. They see the worst of me, but they still accept me just the way I am.

2. My friends: Most of them are like family to me...there for me at the worst of times, willing to listen even when they've heard it all before. I'm so thankful for them, big time.

3. My job: I love my job. That's enough to thank God for methinks.

4. My church: I wrote in a previous post that I was looking for a church, and I found one. I believe I was led to this place, and for this, I'm so thankful. Real, passionate, Spirit-filled. I couldn't ask for more, really.

5. Life's lessons: There are so many good things about life. But there are also quite a few not so good things. I'm learning though, that the not so good things are what you learn from. And as you learn, you grow. Life teaches you a lot. And I'm grateful for what I'm learning.

6. Blogging: Blogging saved my life at one point. And I do believe my writing has a purpose. I'm thankful for the opportunity to write and share my thoughts with so many people out there.

7. Music:, music, music. I love my music. Music has lifted me, encouraged me, challenged me, made me think. Thank God for people like Frank Edwards, Lara George, Israel Houghton, Hillsong, the list is endless.

8. Freedom to worship: I hear stories of places where Christians have to meet in secret and in underground churches and I'm like wow. I walk to church freely, worship freely and can even stand on the streets and preach if I want. I hope never to take this for granted.

9. My relationship with God: I know, maybe it should be number one. But like I said at the beginning, this list is in no particular order. I'm thankful for my relationship with God. I've come a long way from singing and reciting in church as a little girl and thank God I've never really looked back. God has kept me even when I thought I couldn't go on any longer, and He keeps on keeping me. 

10. Sleep: Actually maybe this should be number one. I love my sleep. Just ask the friend who woke me up on a Saturday morning at 9am. 

11. Boldness: One good thing about getting older is that you begin to care less about what people think. It's exhilarating. I'm no longer a teenager trying to make friends or to please people. I thank God for the boldness to speak my mind even when others don't agree.

12. Good memories: I've had a lot of good things happen in my life, and I thank God for that.

13. CAP: 'Christians against poverty'. I thank God for these people who are doing such a wonderful job. And for the opportunity to partner with them.

14. The Eucharist: This is an amazing, amazing magazine. If you're in Nigeria, please support them and get a copy. If not, I'm sure there's still a way. I will be writing a couple of articles for the next edition and I'm so excited to be part of something so wonderful!

15. Mentors: I've had so many people mentor me and give me advice over the years, and I'm so grateful for them.

16. Grey's anatomy: Don't laugh. I love Grey's anatomy. It's not the most uplifting show but it's got me through some tough times and actually has some wisdom nuggets in it (if you can get past the depression and messed-up lives they all seem to lead).

17. Divine strength: I thank God for strength through some difficult times in my life. I definitely couldn't have done it myself.

18. Answered prayers: I'm still waiting for some more, but God really does answer prayers you know.

19. Trials: I'm not being cliche, but the truth is that trials really do make you stronger and teach you valuable lessons. So, even though I don't like them, I'm learning to be glad for them. Lord help us all.

20. Second chances: I mess up a lot. I thank God for second, third, fourth, etc chances.

21. Opportunities to serve: I thank God that I have a purpose. There is a reason He made me and put me on earth, and I love being able to serve.

22. Other bloggers: There are some bloggers that have inspired me, and some that have made me laugh, and some that make me think. And for you guys reading this. You're really the reason I blog, so I thank God for you.

23. Food: Sometimes the only reason I get out of bed is because I think of food. 

24. Good health: I've never been admitted to a hospital and can't remember the last time I went to see a doctor because I was ill. I think that's worth thanking God for.

25. Life: As in, the fact that I'm alive. We really shouldn't take this for granted. What makes you think you're better than the thousands (or even millions) of people who die everyday?

26. Fun things: I went to M&M's world with a friend the other day, and I was like a kid in there, even though I don't like m&ms. And then another friend and I did this thing where we got off the tube at every station on our way home and ran into the next carriage before the doors shut again. It was silly, but fun. I thank God for fun things.

27. The journey: The thing about life is that it's a journey. With ups and downs, fun times and sad times. But I think that's what makes it interesting. That's what makes us human; our lives are unpredictable. It's exhausting sometimes, but the 'not knowing what'll happen next' is kinda exciting. And when you have a God like mine, you know it'll all be fine, so you can go ahead and be excited!

Monday, 19 September 2011

I'm alive!

Hey! So my friend jokingly sent me a bb message on Sunday morning binding and casting the spirit of depression, addiction (not anything bad I promise!), lethargy and everything else that seems to have taken over my life for the past few weeks. I knew things were quite bad because I looked at the message and didn't even smile, but just turned over and went back to sleep. Life sucks. That's been my mantra for a few weeks now, and I feel kinda bad admitting that because, you know, as Christians we feel like we should be happy all the time and speak by faith and say 'God is good, life is great' even when we don't feel like it. And in a sense, yes, we should. God is good, all the time. Whether we feel it or not. But, sometimes life does suck, and there is no harm in owning up and saying 'you know what, I haven't got it all together, I feel overwhelmed and could do with some help'. Sharing really does wonders for the soul. Honestly. 

So as I said in a previous post I'm usually the one holding people up and encouraging my friends when they're down, but recently, I've had to share some stuff that I wouldn't usually share with some of them. I've had to admit that I haven't got all the answers, and even though I know what the Bible says, I still feel helpless sometimes. I've even had to pour out my heart to people that aren't Christians (I know, shock horror!) just because I needed someone to talk to. But it's been good. It's brought me closer to my friends, and it's made me rely even more on God. And like I said before, God is good, and faithful, and it's great that even when I feel like I'm fed up with this whole 'following Christ' thing, He keeps on loving me, and waits patiently for me to come back. And by His grace, I do.

Ok, the point of me sharing my heart just then was really to encourage you. Christians go through hard times. Mega-hard times, just like everyone else. We can choose to let it overwhelm us or we can hold on to God's word that says He'll bring us through it. He's got good plans for you, He's constantly thinking about you. Seriously. It may be hard to believe when you're in the thick of things but it's true. Try not to rely on your feelings so much, because well, you can't rely on them. But you can rely on God's word. He will bring you through, just like He promised.

So, my friend said that if I start blogging again (not that I ever stopped) she would know that her binding and casting actually worked. I must say, I think it did, so thank you best friend!

In other news, I haven't forgotten about my birthday post by the way. I've had some lovely (and some insane) suggestions, and I'm excited (and a bit nervous) to give them a go! I worked out that the countdown starts on the 23rd (I didn't realise that it was so soon!) I know I said I would do a list of the 27 things, but seeing as life got in the way, I haven't actually made the list. But, not to worry, I will still be doing 27 things, but unfortunately you won't get to know what they are until the countdown begins. It's all about the suspense people, and trust me, it'll be worth the wait. I hope. 

I need to sleep now. Hope you enjoyed reading, feel free to drop some more suggestions if you have any and who knows, I might just go for yours! See you on the 23rd, and have a fantastic week!